YieldQualityEnergy consumption
Scrap and ReworkProductivityEmployee satisfaction
Cycle TimeTime-to-MarketOccupancy cost
DowntimeEmployee EngagementPlanned maintenance percentage
Overall Equipment EffectivenessR&D SpendEmergency response time
Health and SafetyProcurementProject Management
Hazard Identification and CorrectionCost SavingsProject team productivity
Safety Training CompletionSavings from SustainabilityEarned value
Safety Walkthrough CompletionPurchase Order AccuracyProject budget utilization
Recordable Incident RatePurchase Order AccuracyCustomer satisfaction
Emergency ResponseContract ComplianceTime to market
Worker’s Compensation ClaimsInventory TurnoverSchedule variance
Near Miss Reporting RateSpend Under ManagementProject success rate
Safety Culture Survey ResultsSupplier PerformanceScope creep
Lost Time Incident RatePayment Cycle TimeCost variance
Compliance with Safety RegulationsPurchase Order Cycle Time
Continuous ImprovementBusiness Process ManagementCustomer Service
Overall Equipment EffectivenessProcess innovationCall Abandonment Rate
Net Promoter ScoreProcess cycle timeAverage Handle Time
Cycle timeProcess costFirst Contact Resolution
Process Cycle EfficiencyProcess qualityAverage Speed of Answer
Defects per million opportunitiesProcess automationNet Promoter Score
Kaizen events completedProcess scalabilityService Level Agreement compliance
Cost of QualityProcess efficiencyAverage Wait Time
Lean Six Sigma certification rateProcess visibilityCall Center Occupancy Rate
First Pass YieldProcess effectivenessCustomer Satisfaction Score
Reduction in wasteProcess complianceResolution Time


Overall MarketingAnalyticsBrand Management
EngagementWebsite trafficBrand Awareness
Return on investmentChurn rateMarket Share
Cost per acquisitionConversion rateBrand Equity
Brand awarenessCustomer segmentationBrand Perception
Customer satisfactionCustomer satisfactionBrand Loyalty
Lead generationSocial media engagementSocial Media Engagement
Conversion rateMarketing attributionBrand Advocacy
TrafficReturn on investmentBrand Reach
Customer lifetime valueCustomer lifetime valueNet Promoter Score
Market shareA/B testingConversion Rates
Channel MarketingCreative ServicesDigital Marketing
Channel conflict rate
Channel pipeline velocity
Channel marketing
Channel partner satisfaction
Channel partner enablement
Channel partner engagement
Market coverage
Sales revenue by channel
Channel performance metrics
Channel program effectiveness
Turnaround time
Budget adherence
Utilization rate
Innovation and creativity
Project volume
Customer feedback
Quality of creative work
Brand consistency
Internal collaboration
On-time project delivery
Video engagement
Customer lifetime value
Return on investment
Mobile app downloads and usage
Search engine rankings
Cost per acquisition
Email open rate and click-through rate
Conversion rate
Event MarketingMarket ResearchAdvertising
Revenue generated
Attendee satisfaction
Brand awareness
Social media engagement
Engagement rate
Return on investment
Brand loyalty
Lead generation
Cost per attendee
Attendance and registration
Market trends
Customer satisfaction
Net Promoter Score
Customer behavior
Market share
Market segmentation
Customer retention rate
Competitive analysis
Brand awareness
Sales performance
Return on investment
Brand lift
Click-through rate
Engagement rate
Cost per click
Share of voice
Conversion rate
Product MarketingPublic Relations
Sales Growth
Market Growth
Lead-to-Close Ratio
Customer Acquisition Cost
Marketing Qualified Leads
Social Media Engagement
Customer Lifetime Value
Market Share
Website Traffic
Net Promoter Score
Social media reach
Website referral traffic
Brand reputation
Media coverage
Stakeholder satisfaction
Executive thought leadership
Influencer engagement
Share of voice
Message resonance
Crisis management effectiveness


Business DevelopmentChannel SalesCustomer Success
Sales Cycle Length
Customer Lifetime Value
Deal Size
Lead Response Time
Win Rate
Customer Acquisition Cost
Time to Close
Sales Growth
Opportunity Pipeline
Conversion Rate
Average deal size
Channel partner performance scorecard
Channel partner revenue
Revenue growth
Time to onboard new channel partners
Time to close
Number of active channel partners
Win rate
Lead conversion rate
Customer satisfaction score
Customer engagement
Churn rate
Time to resolution
Product adoption rate
Upsell/cross-sell rate
Net promoter score
Customer lifetime value
Response time
Customer satisfaction
Renewal rate
Key Account MgmtInside SalesOutside Sales
Sales Growth
Upsell/Cross-Sell Ratio
Sales Pipeline
Average Order Value
Key Account Management Team Customer Satisfaction Score
Customer Retention Rate
Sales Conversion Rate
Win Rate
Customer Satisfaction Score
Market Share
Sales revenue
Call volume
Conversion rate
Time to close
Upsell/cross-sell rate
Deal size
Win rate
Sales volume
Pipeline velocity
Sales quota achievement
Sales DevelopmentSales EnablementSales Operations
Sales pipeline contribution
Conversion rate
Outbound calls per day
Follow-up speed
Opportunity pipeline
Qualified leads per month
Appointments per month
Time to close
The percentage of leads that respond to the Sales Development team’s outreach
Lead response time
Sales Enablement Program ROI
Sales Performance Improvement Rate
Sales Training Completion
Sales Process Compliance
Sales Technology Adoption
Sales Content Usage Rate
Sales Team Engagement
Sales Forecast Accuracy
Sales Coaching Effectiveness
Sales Content Effectiveness
Lead response time
Sales conversion rate
Customer retention rate
Sales cycle length
Customer acquisition cost
Sales team productivity
Average deal size
Sales growth rate
Sales forecast accuracy
Sales pipeline velocity
Sales Training and Coaching
Pipeline value
Average time to onboard new sales reps
Sales cycle time
Sales forecast accuracy
Sales revenue growth


Product ManagementProduct MarketingAnalytics
Product backlog velocity
Employee satisfaction
Development team satisfaction
Product adoption rate
Defect rate
Net Promoter Score
Competitive analysis
Product usage metrics
Product adoption rate
Customer satisfaction
Sales performance
Product feature adoption
Product adoption rate
Customer acquisition cost
Customer feedback
Product revenue
Market share
Customer lifetime value
Product positioning
Product lifecycle
Engagement Rate
User Satisfaction
Time to Market
Customer Lifetime Value
Active Users
User Retention
Net Promoter Score
Conversion Rate
Referral Rate
Customer SupportQuality AssuranceTechnical Writing
Net promoter score
Average resolution time
First response time
Retention rate
Resolution rate
Number of customer issues resolved
Upsell/cross-sell opportunities identified
Customer satisfaction score
Number of tickets or inquiries
Response rate
Mean time to detect
Mean time to repair
Defect density
Release quality
Test automation coverage
Customer satisfaction
Test case efficiency
Test case coverage
Test coverage
Document update frequency
Task completion rate
Page views
Customer satisfaction
Feedback response time
Search performance
Readability score
Time to publish
Error rate
Content coverage
User ResearchUX DesignProduct Development
User satisfaction rate
Usability testing success rate
Response rate to user surveys
Number of research studies conducted
Participant recruitment rate
Average time to complete research studies
Customer retention rate
Insights dissemination rate
Cost per participant
Research impact on product decisions
Error rate
User satisfaction score
Time on task
Abandonment rate
Time to complete a task
Usability score
Task success rate
Conversion rate
Net Promoter Score
Engagement rate
Cost per feature
Defect rate
Resource utilization
Agile metrics
Product adoption rate
Development velocity
Time to market
Innovation rate

Research and Development

Funding success rate
Research cost per project
Patent application rate
Commercialization success rate
Research output rate
Research quality
Intellectual property value
Research efficiency
Collaboration effectiveness
Idea generation rate
Time to market
Innovation rate
Development cost
User satisfaction
Release frequency
Technical debt
Development capacity
Product quality
Development efficiency
Product Development Time
Compliance with Standards
Product Quality
Customer Satisfaction
Product Cost
Design for Manufacturability
Rework/Redesign Rate
Design Review Efficiency
Innovation Rate
Quality AssuranceProduct ManagementIntellectual Property
Quality Cost
Defect Density
Return Rate
Test Coverage
Reject Rate
First Pass Yield
Supplier Quality
On-time Delivery
Customer Satisfaction
Customer Lifetime Value
Product Revenue
Product Development Cost
Product Development Cycle Time
Net Promoter Score
Customer Acquisition Cost
Market Share
Product Adoption Rate
Product Return Rate
Patent portfolio strength
Freedom to operate
IP strategy alignment
IP valuation
Patent application quality
Patent infringement litigation
Patent maintenance costs
IP licensing revenue
IP training
Time-to-file patent applications
Project ManagementAnalyticsPrototype & Testing
Schedule adherence
Budget adherence
Cycle time
Earned value
Risk mitigation
Deliverables completion
Stakeholder satisfaction
Issue resolution
Resource utilization
Team performance
Data accessibility
Predictive accuracy
ROI of analytics projects
Employee productivity
Data utilization rate
Customer satisfaction
Error rate
Data security
Data quality
Failure Rate
Innovation Index
Defect Rate
Prototype Output
Prototype Cost
Test Time
Design Revisions
Test Coverage
Cycle Time

Supply Chain

BuyingInventory ManagementSupplier Management
Carrying cost of inventory
Days of Inventory
Order accuracy rate
Fill Rate
Order lead time
Stockout rate
Inventory Accuracy
Inventory turnover rate
Cost of goods sold
On-time delivery rate
Supplier quality rating
Supply chain risk management
Supplier performance scorecard
Cost savings through negotiations
Supplier development initiatives
Supplier diversity spend
Supplier lead time
Contract compliance rate
Logistics/TransportWarehousing DistributionProduction Planning
On-time delivery rate
Shipment lead time
Average miles per gallon of fleet
Transportation cost per unit
Customer satisfaction with delivery
Inventory accuracy rate
Order cycle time
Order fill rate
Warehouse capacity utilization
Perfect order rate
Capacity Utilization
Schedule Adherence
Production Cycle Time
Production Schedule Attainment
Inventory Turnover
Quality ControlStrategic SourcingSustainability
Yield Improvement
Inspection Efficiency
Time to Detect and Resolve Quality Issues
Production Downtime
Customer Complaints
Supplier Quality
Cost of Quality
Defect Rate
On-Time Delivery
First Pass Yield
Sourcing lead time
Quality of goods or services
Supplier consolidation
Supplier diversity
Supplier performance
Spend under management
On-time delivery rate
Cost savings
Knowledge base usage
Supplier sustainability performance
Revision cycle time
Waste reduction
Social impact
Customer satisfaction score
Carbon emissions reduction

Information Technology

SecuritySystem AdministrationData Management &Analytics
Security budget utilization
User account management
Data loss prevention
Security audit pass rate
Security patch deployment rate
Security policy compliance rate
Security training completion rate
Security risk assessment completion rate
Security incident response time
Network security breach rate
System availability
System troubleshooting speed
System performance
System documentation accuracy
System security
System budget utilization
System upgrade speed
System capacity utilization
System vendor performance
System configuration accuracy
Data completeness rate
Data accuracy rate
Mean time to resolve data issues
Query response time
Percentage of data governed
User adoption rate
Volume of data processed
Data processing time
Data usage rate
Data quality score
Development & MaintenanceEnterprise ArchitectureGovernance & Compliance
The time it takes for the application development team to complete a software development project
The availability of the applications developed and maintained by the team
The number of defects in the software development process
The time it takes to resolve issues with the applications
How satisfied users are with the applications developed and maintained by the team
Compliance with enterprise architecture standards and guidelines
The extent to which technology solutions are standardized across the organization
The level of maturity of the company’s business capabilities, which are supported by technology solutions
The level of innovation in technology solutions developed by the enterprise architecture group
Risk assessment coverage
Incident response time
Training and awareness
IT audit findings
Compliance score
User SupportService ManagementSoftware Engagement
Number of training sessions conducted
First Contact Resolution rate
Average Handling Time
Knowledgebase accuracy rate
User satisfaction score
First call resolution rate
Incident resolution time
Mean time between failures
Service availability
Customer satisfaction
Defect density
Time to resolve defects
Cycle time
Customer satisfaction
Code coverage

Human Resources

Performance ManagementTalent AcquisitionHealth and Wellness
Performance Improvement Plan Success Rate
Goal Attainment
Performance Review Completion
Employee Performance Rating Distribution
Talent Mobility
Leadership Pipeline
Manager Effectiveness
Succession Planning
Training and Development Participation
High-Potential Identification
Hiring Manager Satisfaction
Applicant to Hire Ratio
Time to Productivity
Candidate Satisfaction
Quality of Hire
Diversity and Inclusion Metrics
Cost per Hire
Offer Acceptance Rate
Sourcing Channel Effectiveness
Time to Fill
Return on Investment of Wellness Programs
Absenteeism Rate
Stress Reduction
Succession Planning
Healthcare Cost Savings
Turnover Rate
Work-Life Balance
Mental Health Support
Employee Participation Rate
Preventable Health Condition Reduction
HR AnalyticsHR Information SystemsLearning / Training
Diversity Metrics
HR Data Completeness
Retention Metrics
Skills Gap Analysis
Employee Engagement
Recruitment Metrics
HR Data Accuracy
HR Data Usage
HR Data Timeliness
Attrition Rate
System integration rate
Training completion rate
System response time
Cost savings through automation
Time to resolve system issues
System uptime/downtime
Self-service utilization rate
System security
Data accuracy
User adoption rate
Training completion rate
Training effectiveness score
Time to proficiency
Manager satisfaction with employee performance
Employee satisfaction with training
Employee retention rate
Skills gap analysis
Learning and development ROI
Learning and development budget
Cost per employee trained
DiversityEmployee RelationsCompensation
DEI survey scores
DEI training participation rate
Employee retention rate
Leadership diversity ratio
Employee diversity ratio
Employee Satisfaction Index
Employee Turnover Rate
Workplace Injury
Harassment and Discrimination Complaints
Grievance Resolution Time
Benefits participation rate
Total compensation cost
Turnover rate among high performers
Benefits cost as a percentage of payroll
Employee satisfaction with compensation and benefits


Big DataBusiness IntelligenceData Analytics
Return on investment
Data processing time
Number of data sources
Machine learning model accuracy
Data completeness rate
Data usage rate
Data visualization and reporting
Data storage capacity
Data quality score
Data accuracy rate
Query response time
Self-service usage rate
Dashboard adoption rate
Report generation time
User satisfaction rate
Report delivery time
Visualization adoption rate
Data accuracy rate
Data consistency rate
Data completeness rate
Predictive accuracy rate
Number of data sources used
Staff retention rate
Data accuracy rate
Data visualization quality
Percentage of projects completed on time
Data accessibility
Number of insights generated
Business impact of analytics projects
Average time to complete data analysis projects
Data EngineeringData GovernanceData Quality
Data quality index
System availability
Unprocessed data backlog
Data storage capacity
Data processing time
Data throughput
Query response time
ETL job success rate
Resource utilization
Infrastructure uptime
Data accuracy rate
Timeliness of data delivery
Data lineage completeness
User satisfaction rate
Data quality score
Data compliance rate
Policy adoption rate
Data value realization
Data security incidents
Data usage frequency
Data consistency
Validity rate
Duplicate rate
Response time
Accuracy rate
Data integrity
Data completeness
Data profiling
Data quality index
Data ScienceData SecurityDatabase Administration
Time to insights
Model building efficiency
Data quality score
Project completion rate
Visualization effectiveness
Model performance improvement
Customer retention
ROI of data science projects
New data sources
Accuracy rate
Malware Infections
Incident Response Time
Data Loss Prevention
Security Awareness Training Completion
Data Breaches
Phishing Susceptibility
Patching Cadence
Encryption Usage
Vulnerability Scans
Zero-day Exploits
Maintenance completion rate The percentage of scheduled database maintenance tasks that are completed on time.
Growth rate
Recovery time objective
Security compliance
Query optimization rate
Database response time
Backup success rate
Error rate
User satisfaction
Database uptime