Defect density, Cycle time, Code coverage, Time to resolve defects, Customer satisfaction

Defect density

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"Be the code wizard you were born to be! Keep your defect density low and your quality high with this key performance indicator. Find out more here." #DefectDensity #SoftwareDevelopment #QualityCode

Time to resolve defects

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"Time to resolve defects is like a race against the clock, but our team has got the speed and efficiency to win! Discover how we tackle testing issues in record time." #KPI #testing #defects #efficiency

Cycle time

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Unlocking the secret to a successful development process? Look no further than cycle time! This key performance indicator measures the efficiency of your team's development cycle, identifying bottlenecks and ensuring speedy product releases. Learn how to optimize your cycle time for maximum success today!

Customer satisfaction

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Are your customers happy with your software product? Discover the importance of measuring customer satisfaction as a key performance indicator. Let's make them smile! #KPI #CustomerSatisfaction #SoftwareDevelopment #HappyCustomers

Code coverage

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"Unlock the secret to a well-tested software system with code coverage! This key performance indicator measures the percentage of code covered by automated tests, giving you valuable insight into the quality of your testing process. Read on to discover how code coverage can help you improve your software and keep your team smiling!" (159 characters)

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