Incident resolution time, Service availability, Customer satisfaction, First call resolution rate, Mean time between failures (MTBF)

First call resolution rate

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"Resolve it in one call! Unlock the secret to IT's success with a higher First Call Resolution Rate. Say goodbye to multiple calls and hello to happy users!" #KPI #ITsupport #FirstCallResolutionRate #happyusers

Incident resolution time

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Tick-tock! The clock is ticking, but not for long when it comes to resolving incidents reported by users. The shorter the resolution time, the happier the users and the better the IT service management team's performance. Read on to learn more about the key performance indicator that keeps the IT world running smoothly - incident resolution time!

Mean time between failures

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"Say goodbye to constant IT headaches! Learn about Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF), the key performance indicator that signals reliable and low-maintenance IT services." #MTBF #ITreliability #lowmaintenance

Service availability

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Service availability is crucial for any successful IT operation. Let's explore how higher availability can lead to uninterrupted service for happy users!

Customer satisfaction

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Happy customers, happy life! Learn how measuring customer satisfaction with IT services through KPIs can earn you a higher satisfaction score and keep your users smiling.

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