Supplier sustainability performance, Waste reduction, Social impact, Sustainable sourcing, Documentation accuracy rate, Customer satisfaction score, Revision cycle time, Knowledge base usage, Document version control

Knowledge base usage

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Unlock the potential of your team's knowledge by tracking their knowledge base usage. Get insights into how relevant and useful their work is for other teams within your organization. Discover how to improve and optimize your team's output with this key performance indicator.

Supplier sustainability performance

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As businesses become more environmentally aware, tracking supplier sustainability performance is crucial. Key performance indicators (KPIs) provide a method for assessing adherence to sustainability and social responsibility standards. By measuring KPIs, companies can determine which suppliers are making positive strides towards sustainability and which need to improve. With this data, businesses can make informed decisions about their suppliers and work towards a more sustainable future.

Revision cycle time

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The revision cycle time KPI measures the speed at which technical documents are updated, reflecting a team's agility. Learn more about this metric here.

Waste reduction

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The key performance indicator for waste reduction is vital for businesses looking to minimize their environmental impact and cut costs. Measuring and reducing waste in supply chain operations can lead to a more sustainable future and improved bottom line. Learn more in this article. #WasteReduction #SupplyChain #KPI

Social impact

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"Unlocking the Power of Social Impact: Measuring the Impact of Supply Chain Operations on Workers, Communities, and Stakeholders. Discover how KPIs can help identify opportunities for improvement and drive positive change." #SocialImpact #SupplyChain #KPIs

Customer satisfaction score

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Customer satisfaction score measures the quality of technical documentation produced by the team. It's a key performance indicator that reflects the level of satisfaction experienced by the customers. Learn more about it here.

Carbon emissions reduction

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As sustainability becomes a top priority for businesses, carbon emissions reduction is a crucial key performance indicator. Measuring and tracking greenhouse gas emissions from supply chain operations can help companies set targets and reduce their carbon footprint over time. Discover how KPIs can drive sustainability efforts and benefit the bottom line.

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