Average resolution time, Upsell/cross-sell opportunities identified, Customer satisfaction (CSAT) score, Retention rate, First response time (FRT), Response rate, Net promoter score (NPS), Resolution rate, Number of customer issues resolved, Number of tickets or inquiries

First response time

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"Get ready to impress your customers with lightning-fast responses! First response time (FRT) is the key performance indicator you need to boost your satisfaction ratings and stand out from the competition. Learn how to improve your FRT and keep your customers happy and loyal!" #customerexperience #FRT #keyperformanceindicator

Average resolution time

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"Looking to improve your customer service? Keep an eye on your Average Resolution Time KPI! This handy metric measures the time it takes to resolve customer issues, ensuring speedy and efficient service. Read on to learn more!" (159 characters)

Net promoter score

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"Unlocking the Secret to Customer Satisfaction: Net Promoter Score (NPS) is the ultimate tool to measure loyalty. Discover how NPS can boost your business today!" #customerloyalty #NPS #satisfaction

Resolution rate

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"Boost customer happiness with a high resolution rate! Learn how your support team can successfully solve more customer issues. Read on for our top tips." (106 characters) #ResolutionRate #CustomerSupport #Happiness

Retention rate

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"Retain, gain, and sustain! Discover how tracking your retention rate can boost customer loyalty and revenue. Learn more here!" #KPI #RetentionRate

Number of customer issues resolved

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"Get ready to celebrate! The key performance indicator for customer support is looking great. The number of customer issues resolved has skyrocketed, meaning happier customers and a more efficient team. Keep up the good work!" #KPI #customersupport #success

Customer satisfaction score

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The CSAT score is the ultimate measure of customer happiness! Our team always aims for 100% satisfaction because happy customers mean a happy business.

Number of tickets or inquiries

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"Unlocking Success with KPIs: Why the Number of Tickets or Inquiries is a Key Metric for Customer Support Teams. Learn how to boost customer satisfaction and grow your business with this simple yet powerful KPI!" #KPI #CustomerSupport #BusinessGrowth

Response rate

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"Let's talk about the key performance indicator that will make your customers grin from ear to ear - response rate! Discover how nailing this metric will boost customer satisfaction and loyalty. Read on!" #response rate #customersatisfaction #loyalty #KPI #customerinquiries

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