Cash balance
Cash conversion cycle
Debt-to-equity ratio
Interest coverage ratio
Credit rating
Return on investment (ROI)
Cash flow
Treasury management efficiency
Foreign exchange risk
Counterparty risk

The amount of cash that the company has on hand at any given time

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"Cha-ching! Cash is king when it comes to business success. A healthy cash balance means happy shareholders and effective treasury management. Learn why it's a crucial key performance indicator for any company." #KPI #CashBalance #BusinessSuccess

A company’s ability to pay its interest expenses on its outstanding debt

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"Good news, folks! A high interest coverage ratio means your company is rolling in dough! It's able to easily meet its debt obligations and keep those pesky interest expenses at bay. Keep up the good work and watch your profits soar." #KPI #interestcoverageratio #debtobligations #companyprofits

The movement of cash into and out of a company

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Unlocking the Secret to Financial Health: The Key Performance Indicator You Need to Know! Follow the cash flow to ensure your company is thriving and financially stable. Happy treasury, happy life! #KPI #CashFlow #FinancialHealth

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