Tax Risk Management
Tax Function Employee Engagement
Tax Department Efficiency
State and Local Tax (SALT) Compliance
Transfer Pricing Compliance
Tax Provision Accuracy
Tax Planning Savings
Tax Compliance Rate
Effective Tax Rate (ETR)
Audit Defense Success Rate

The percentage of tax returns filed on time and accurately

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Stay on the right side of the tax man with our secret weapon: the on-time and accurate filing KPI! Not only will it keep you smiling, but it'll also minimize penalties and interest charges. Read on to learn more!

The level of employee engagement within the tax function

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"Boosting employee engagement in the tax function is the secret sauce for a successful department. Happy workers equal happy clients. Discover how KPIs can help you ensure a motivated and productive team!" #EmployeeEngagement #TaxFunction #KPIs

The efficiency of the tax department in meeting its objectives

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The tax department is a vital component of any organization, and keeping track of its efficiency is key to success. By measuring the department's performance through key performance indicators, businesses can identify areas for improvement, streamline processes, and use resources more effectively. Let's explore how KPIs can help keep your tax department on track!

The company’s compliance with state and local tax laws

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Tax laws can be a maze, but with the right KPIs, compliance is a breeze! Keep penalties at bay and your wallet happy by ensuring your company's adherence to state and local tax laws. Learn more now!

The accuracy of the company’s income tax provision

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"Shine a light on financial accuracy with KPIs! One key indicator to measure is the accuracy of income tax provision. This ensures your financial statements reflect the correct income tax totals. Let's stay on top of our game, folks!" (144 characters)

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