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The level of satisfaction that customers have with the billing and payment process

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"Happy customers mean happy business! That's why measuring the level of satisfaction with billing and payment processes is a key performance indicator for success. Let's dive into why a high level of customer satisfaction is a great sign that your AR department is killing it!" #KPI #CustomerSatisfaction #BillingProcess #PaymentProcess #BusinessSuccess

The percentage of accounts that are written off as uncollectible

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"Say goodbye to financial losses! Learn about the key performance indicator that will keep your company's accounts receivable department on track. Discover how a lower write-off rate can boost your bottom line. Read on to find out more!" (155 characters)

The percentage of customers who are overdue on their payments

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"Say goodbye to overdue payments and hello to success! By tracking your delinquency rate, you can ensure your AR department is on top of their game. Let's keep those defaults at bay! Read on for more." (128 characters)

The distribution of accounts receivable by the length of time they have been outstanding

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Are you curious about how effective your AR department is at managing collections? Look no further than the distribution of accounts receivable by their outstanding length of time. A lower percentage of aging accounts is a great sign - it means your team is doing a fantastic job at mitigating the risk of default. Keep up the good work!

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