Days Sales Outstanding (DSO)
Collection Effectiveness Index (CEI)
Bad Debt Percentage
Aging Report
Average Days Delinquent (ADD)
Percent of Total Receivables Over 90 Days
Average Payment Days (APD)
Customer Concentration
Credit Limit Compliance
Dispute Resolution Time

The average number of days it takes for customers to pay their invoices

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"Want to improve your credit and collections management? Keep an eye on your APD! A lower average number of days for customers to pay their invoices means a happier cash flow and a brighter future for your business. Learn more here!" #APD #collectionsmanagement #credit #cashflow

The average time it takes to resolve customer disputes

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Resolve customer disputes quicker and boost your credit and collections management efficiency! Learn how measuring the average resolution time as a key performance indicator can help. Read on for our cheerful insights.

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